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OEM Premium Tofu & Corn 2 N 1 Mixed Cat Litter

  • 🐾Strong Adsorption  Absorbs water like a sponge, absorbs liquids by 360%
  • 🐾Premium Raw Materials — Selected best quality corn & Food-Grade pea fiber Materials, use Less, get more.
  • 🐾Fast Clumping — Fast clumping in 1.5 seconds, hard to stick on the bottom of your cat litter box, hard to stick on the bottom, easy to scrape out.
  • 🐾Toliet Flushable — Natural fibers, soluble in water.
  • 🐾Easy to Scoop — Granules of different sizes alternately fill the gaps with each other, which makes cat litter hard to stick to the bottom of the box, easy to scoop
  • 🐾Dust-Free & No Tracking — Nearly 99.99% dust-free, cat less brought out, keeps your floor clean.


Love Pets Tofu & Millet Mixed Cat Litter

1.100% Natural Material
The mixed cat litter is made of pea fiber, millet, and corn, it is absolute biodegradable
2. Strong Adsorption
Blocks & eliminates urine, feces & bacterial odors, & keeps busy litterboxes naturally fresh longer

Five dust removal High-frequency sieving, electrostatic adsorption, negative pressure dust removal
4. Fast & Outstanding Clumping
Absorbs urine & neutralizes offensive smells in 3 seconds, with maximum liquid absorption
5. Toliet Flushable
Natural fibers, soluble in water.
6. Easy To Scoop
Easily scoopable cat litter means less time cleaning the kitty litter box & more time with your feline friend.
7. Healthy
The genuine natural plant manufactured, Contains no chemical additives, very healthy to cat


Mixed Advantages: Premium tofu cat litter with outstanding clumping ability and can perfectly block offensive smells. And food-grade crushed corn cat litter can absorb water like a sponge, is lightweight, and is dust-free.

Superior Odor Control: Striped tofu cat litter mixed with crushed corn cat litter, granules of different sizes alternately fill the gaps with each other. It can better block and eliminate the offensive smell, and keep odor far away.

Strong Adsorption Mixed Cat Litter: Improved tofu cat litter granules with more contact area with liquid. Fast agglomeration & Firm Clumping

Toilet Flushable: It is water-soluble. It will instantly dissolve in water and is safe to flush.



More Scents & Colors Can Choose




Item Premium Tofu & Corn 2 N 1 Mixed Cat Litter
Main Material Pea Fiber, Millet, Corn Starch, Corn Flour, PCMX, Guar Gum, Plant Enzymes, Soda Powder
Colors Original, red, green, pink, etc
Customized Scents coffee bean, green tea, honey peach, active carbon, etc
Size Longth:10-30mm diameter:1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm
Absorption ≥300%

We offer cat litter in 3 different sizes
1.5mm tofu cat litter, 2.0mm tofu cat litter, 3.0mm tofu cat litter

Tofu cat litter size

1.5mm tofu cat litter

The litter strips’ diameter arranges from 1.3mm~1.7mm, Super Absorbent, Outstanding Clumping, and best for cats with short hair.

2.0mm tofu cat litter

The litter strips’ diameter arranges from 1.8mm~2.2mm, fast clumping, cat less brought out, best for cats with long hair.

3.0mm tofu cat litter

The litter strips’ diameter arranges from 2.6mm~3.2mm, fast clumping, best for cats with long hair.


  1. Fill the clean cat litter basin with just 2-3 inches of cat litter. If you haven’t used our cat litter products before, you can also add some of the cat litter your cat is familiar with.
  2. Using a cat litter shovel, scoop out the solid waste and clumps and flush them down to the toilet.
  3. After scooping out any solid waste and clumps, add fresh cat litter and renew the litter 2-3 times per month.
  4. When the cat litter is little in the box, and it releases odor, please replace fresh cat litter.


  1. Do not use it for any purpose other than cleaning cat feces.
  2. If stored in a humid place after opening, the coagulation power may decrease and the shape may be deformed.
  3. If you throw a large amount of the toilet all at once, it may clog.
  4. Pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems are at risk of bacterial infections due to feces. please clean your hands after cleaning the litter.
  5. The cat litter is suitable for the regular litter box and self-cleaning litter box. DO NOT use the self-washing litter box



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