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OEM Premium Ball-Type Bentonite Cat Litter Made in China

  • 🐾 S-grade place of origin, rare raw materials —Well-chosen ball-type bentonite, no odor, super deodorant
  • 🐾Strong Adsorption  — Absorbs water like a sponge, and absorbs liquids by 250%.
  • 🐾Fast Clumping — FIRM & FAST CLUMPING, easy to scoop out without breaking
  • 🐾Odor Control — The cat litter has a porous honeycomb structure and is rich in sodium which makes sodium bentonite has exceptional odor-fighting properties.
  • 🐾Dust-Free & No Tracking — Bentonite adopts five dust removal technology, effectively reducing the dust content in cat litter


This cat litter is made of Calcium Bentonite
Well-chosen ball-type bentonite, no odor, super deodorant

Our ball-type bentonite Clumping Cat Litter with Smell Squasher technology is a non-toxic, fast-acting clumping clay that neutralizes ammonia rapidly to prevent any extreme smells from settling around the litter box. The extra-absorbent clumps limit wetness in the box and prevent any unnecessary messes in your home. When you scoop, virtually no dust is given off, making the clean-up process quick and easy.


S-Grade Place of Origin: It is well-chosen ball-type bentonite, no odor, super deodorant

Firm & Fast Clumping: The ball-type bentonite litter absorbs the cat’s urine within 3 seconds and forms tight clumps to seal the odor.

Bentonite Cat Litter


More Scents




Item Premium Ball-type Bentonite Cat Litter
Main Material Calcium Bentonite
Colors Yellow, green, pink, etc
Customized Scents Mixed fruits, green tea, milk, peach
Size Granular Cat Litter
Absorption ≥250%



  1. Fill the clean cat litter basin with just 2-3 inches of cat litter. If you haven’t used our cat litter products before, you can also add some of the cat litter your cat is familiar with.
  2. Using a cat litter shovel, scoop out the solid waste and clumps and flush them down to the toilet.
  3. After scooping out any solid waste and clumps, add fresh cat litter and renew the litter 2-3 times per month.
  4. When the cat litter is little in the box, and it releases odor, please replace fresh cat litter.


  1. Do not use it for any purpose other than cleaning cat feces.
  2. If stored in a humid place after opening, the coagulation power may decrease and the shape may be deformed.
  3. If you throw a large amount of the toilet all at once, it may clog.
  4. Pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems are at risk of bacterial infections due to feces. please clean your hands after cleaning the litter.
  5. The cat litter is suitable for the regular litter box and self-cleaning litter box. DO NOT use the self-washing litter box



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